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Partner With Us.

Do you serve individuals who would benefit from stronger social connections?


Does your organization work with people who are socially isolated?


Are you low on resources but high on ambitious goals to make a difference for your clients and community?


Do you work with people who would benefit from meaningful social relationships rather than therapy?


Would you like to work with us to introduce a new relationship-building program into your current programs and activities?

We’re better together. 


There are many agencies, organizations and individuals within our communities, both large and small, that are committed to enhancing the quality of life for their clients or customers or neighbors—in a way that ultimately contributes to stronger community networks, positive relationships, and the ability to effectively deal with life’s challenges.

CONNECTIONS Central has developed a relationship-building program to strengthen community bonds, address social isolation and loneliness and combat social division. Our program supports and compliments organizational programs that are already in place. 

And, what we have to offer is free. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for organizations to integrate CONNECTIONS in a way that  enhances what they are already doing. We can provide everything needed to implement CONNECTIONS into your programming—resources (both human and material), training, and support.


Personalizing CONNECTIONS.

The CONNECTIONS model is versatile and can be personalized to your program needs. First, we listen. We want to understand your mission, goals, and challenges so we can help create a CONNECTIONS that integrates well into your current plan.


Interested in learning more about CONNECTIONS and how we can help you help others?
GET IN TOUCH! We want to hear from you.


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