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What is Connections Central?

Connections Central is an organization that focuses on relationship-building to strengthen community bonds, combat social isolation and loneliness, and overcome social division.
We offer CONNECTIONS gatherings in the Carson City, NV community that bring people together to share stories, have conversation, maybe make friends, and leave inspired.

We also partner with local agencies and community organizations where there is synergy that allows us to work efficiently together toward a common goal of strengthening the fabric of our communities.

  • CONNECTIONS is a social gathering that connects people of all ages and walks of life through storytelling and conversation. 

  • CONNECTIONS is NOT therapy. You won’t get advice or answers, but you will make connections, hear stories, and have a thought-provoking experience. 

  • CONNECTIONS promotes emotional and physical well-being by sharing our stories and conversation.

What is CC

What is the goal of CONNECTIONS?

The goal is to create something that helps people find meaning, contentment, understanding, and a sense of belonging and relevance in their lives and then...bring that to the world around them. 


It has the potential to cultivate life-changing experiences for many people throughout the country.


Why is CONNECTIONS needed?

Health and happiness comes out of loving and supportive relationships. However, our current culture presents a number of challenges or obstacles that strain the important relationships in our lives and deter the building of new ones. 

These challenges include: 

• Social media platforms

• Cell phone mania

• Political division and contention

• Financial suffering

• An aging population

• Drug/alcohol abuse

• Severe loneliness

CONNECTIONS is one positive response to the societal condition by encouraging greater, more meaningful personal relationships and offering the resources to cultivate change.



People of all ages and walks of life who are looking to lead a more contented and healthy life can benefit from the CONNECTIONS experience by connecting with others, sharing stories and learning skills to build and improve important relationships in their lives. 


CONNECTIONS is appropriate within any social community—serving many populations, in many settings. The potential is enormous and we are open to exploring opportunities for CONNECTIONS to help more people. 


How will CONNECTIONS help me?

Experiencing CONNECTIONS will…

  • Strengthen the wonderful relationships you already have.

  • Give you an opportunity to explore new relationships with new people.

  • Provide you with knowledge and information about how to build new relationships and nurture current ones.

  • Offer an opportunity to have fun and socialize with other people—people from all walks of life—that you may not otherwise meet or interact with.

  • Help you see the world around you through the eyes of others.

  • Give you a sense of fulfillment by exploring new topics and diving deeper into discussions you might not regularly engage in.

  • Build a strong sense of community within your city.


What should I expect?

The format of CONNECTIONS gatherings varies slightly depending on which one you go to. 

Community CONNECTIONS (every 3rd Thursday of the month) starts with social time starting at 5:00pm. Everyone gathers at 5:15 for an introduction and a featured story teller who shares an experience related to a meaningful relationship in their life. This is followed by small group discussions on the featured topic. The gathering is wrapped up with everyone coming together to share takeaways from each group. Everyone leaves inspired and happy.

Café CONNECTIONS is an informal gathering on Saturday morning. Typically there is a chosen topic for discussion. You’ll have great conversations and meet new people. It’s a great way to start the weekend.

Senior Center CONNECTIONS takes place at the Senior Center in the afternoon every 3rd Tuesday of the month. It follows much the same format as the Community CONNECTIONS. 


Where are the meetings located?

Currently, CONNECTIONS gatherings are taking place in Carson City, NV at the following times and locations:


5:00 PM Every 3rd Thursday of the month

Brewery Arts Center, 449 W. King Street, Carson City, NV.


La Capital Cafe, 1795 E. College Pkwy, Carson City, NV 


Senior Center, 911 Beverly Drive, Nevada Room, Carson City, NV


Is there a cost?

This is a free event. There is no cost. All are welcome. 


Can I bring a friend?

Please do! We always encourage our guests to bring friends and family along!


Will there be food or refreshments available?

Complimentary small bites, wine and soda are provided at the Community CONNECTIONS and the Senior Center CONNECTIONS..


Do I need to RSVP?

There is no need to sign up or RSVP. Just come if and when you can and enjoy.

Why people go

Why do people go to CONNECTIONS?

  • To make new friends

  • To connect with others face-to-face

  • To have interesting conversations

  • To build positive relationships to combat social isolation and the loneliness I’m feeling

  • Laugh and learn from others.

How they fee

How do participants feel after a CONNECTIONS event? 

"Wonderful and happy."

"Energized. My batteries are charged."



start CC

How do I start my own CONNECTIONS?

Shoot us an email at

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